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Delivering reliable, customer-oriented collaboration solutions for the wholesale market for 20 years.

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White-Labeled Customer Care

You're assigned a highly trained conversion specialist who, on your behalf and representing your brand, reaches out to your customer base to answer questions, address concerns, and upsell your new conferencing products.



Web Admin

A website administration tool allows you to view and manage your website configuration through a simple web interface. Our web admin tool is not only easy-to-use and control, but it is one of the most versatile, customizable and user-friendly web-based administration tools in the meeting software market.

Wholesale - Web Admin




Your customers already trust your brand. Leverage your brand loyalty to sell branded conferencing services including teleconference, audio conference, web conferencing solutions and watch your profits soar.

Our branding includes:

  • Conference call | audio conferencing bridge greetings
  • Web conferencing solution entry pages
  • Your own customer Self-Serve portal
  • Wallet cards with dial-in access mailed in a branded envelope
Wholesale - Branding



Customer Self-Serve

Our customer self-serve platform sets you apart from competitors by empowering customers.

The service includes:

  • Apply permissions such as moderator and account owner entry
  • Access archives of recorded teleconference calls
  • Provision and edit moderator details
  • View and download reports and access billing information
Wholesale - Customer Self-Serve



Full-Service Portfolio

Our full product suite has everything you need to serve anyone, anywhere, anytime. Our package contains a well-rounded conferencing service to your customers from reservationless teleconference solutions, video conferencing software, and web conferencing.

Let us help manage your conference with our operator-assisted calls, or let your customers take the driver's seat with our online meeting software Onecast.

Wholesale - Full-Service Portfolio


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