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At Pragmatic, we believe in aligning the talents and interests of our employees with the needs in our community.

We've hand selected organizations that we feel are in line with our company interests, and that we feel make a significant impact. Currently, we work with the Regent Park School of Music, the Toronto Humane Society and the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies.

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Regent Park School of Music (RPSM)

RPSM provides high quality, affordable music education to youth-in-need in Regent Park, and other high priority neighborhoods in Toronto such as Parkdale, Jane and Finch and Lawrence Heights. RPSM also subsidies student’s music tests, tuition and even helps organize instrument donation programs.

Pragmatic works with RPSM in a number of ways. We webcast their recitals so that parents and friends that are unable to attend can still view the performances, and students are able to see their progress throughout the year. We assist with their annual fundraiser, Crescendo, by participating in their silent auction, décor, and fundraising committees. We've integrated their volunteer scheduling into our everyday activities by moving their system online, and making it more efficient. Pragmatic also manages their piano donation program, providing students that have been with the school for one year or more with a piano, free of charge!


Toronto Humane Society (THS)

One major initiative we have integrated into our daily activities is assisting with THS's Spay and Neuter program. Every year, 250,000 dogs and cats end up in animal shelters and up to 40% of them are euthanized despite being perfectly healthy.

To help solve this problem, THS built and runs a subsidized spay and neuter clinic, providing a low-cost solution for those that otherwise may not be able to afford it. We help manage this program by conducting all of the daily spay, neuter, and vaccination reminder calls. We're helping to ensure there are fewer animals in the shelter every year.

Toronto Humane Society

Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS)

In conjunction with CFHS and the Toronto Humane Society, we hosted "A Humane Canada," an event to promote the humane treatment of animals. On October 23, 2013, Toronto's most prominent animal lovers came together in an event in support of the THS and CFHS. Featuring musical entertainment by ill Scarlet, Tara Oram, and internationally awarded DJ Doopey, the event also featured a silent auction, food, and drinks. This is an annual event and we look forward to our continued partnerships to continue to build a Humane Canada.

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