Conferencing Solutions for Non-Profits

Conferencing and webinar solutions can serve as vital tools to help not for profits effectively communicate with their audience, whether it's dispersed across a city, country, or even the world.

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Train Employees and Volunteers On-Demand

No matter where your employees are located, you can provide them with real-time training and updates through video conferencing or on-demand webinars. Answer their questions instantly, generate ideas through live conversation, and effortlessly work together to grow your organization.



Pitch Donors Face to Face

When pitching to potential donors, it's important to make an impact. Unlike email or phone conversations, video conferencing lets you to make a personal, face-to-face connection. Provide answers to questions in real time to help donors better understand your cause and become more likely to contribute.

Non-Profit - Pitch Donors Face-To-Face



Generate Ideas While Minimizing Travel Costs

Hosting a team meeting doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg in travel expenses. With video collaboration, your team can communicate and generate the same innovative ideas you'd develop in any in-person meeting, from anywhere in the world. Reduce your travel costs and carbon footprint at the same time. Win-win.

Non-Profit - Generate Ideas While Minimizing Travel Costs



Flexible Solutions for Your Specific Needs

From video conferencing to on-demand webinars, we can help your not-for-profit organization streamline its communication efforts from start to finish. No matter the size of your organization or how dispersed your team is, we're here to help you stay connected and grow your collaboration efforts — every step of the way.

Non-Profit - Flexible Solutions



We would be happy to share with you our experiences and help you understand the potential opportunities involved in achieving your goals.