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Improve patient care, extend your reach, reduce costs, and enable collaboration across medical teams — it's all possible with video conferencing and telemedecine.

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Unexpected meetings happen. When they do, we've got reservationless conferencing that's ready when you are.

When those suprise meetings pop up, you don't have time to wait around for an open conference line. That's why we provide reservationless, always-open, on-demand lines to be there when you need them, whatever the reason.



Improve Patient Care

Video collaboration is redefining patient-centered care. In seconds, medical practioners can connect from any location to answer patient questions, check vital signs, and review test results just as if they were at the patients' bedside.

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More Access to Specialty Care

Provide patients in rural areas access to care that was previously unavailable. From mental health consultations to surgery follow-ups, work remotely via video conferencing so you can provide top-notch care to more patients than ever before in less time.

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Educate & Train Better

From daily patient rounds to luve surgeries, record and archive any activity for on-demand viewing by staffers continuing their medical education. Create new learning opportunities by collaborating with expert practitioners from around the world on best practices and research findings.

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Reduce Cost

Drive costs down for you and your patients by onboarding new healthcare professionals faster, supporting prevention programs, and reducing readmissions. Manage chronic didease care more effectively by eliminating travel costs and saving time.

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