Conferencing Solutions for Engineers

With multiple complex projects on the go, engineers don't have the time to worry about communication issues. Enter video conferencing — the perfect solution to simplify your interactions and maximize your productivity.

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Multiple Sites, One Solution

Video conferencing allows for seamless communication between your project sites — without the time-consuming travel between each one. With high-quality video and stable connections, you can have the benefits of in-person meeting without the hassle of getting yourself there.



Connect With Subject-Matter Experts

Collaboration and engineering go hand-in-hand. Often times, location can make it difficult to meet in person, and email is poor for communicating complex ideas. With video conferencing you can share and learn with subject matter experts from around the world at the click of a button.

Engineering - Connect with Subject Matter Experts



Webinars and Training for Contractors

With tight schedules and booked-up board rooms, coordinating meeting times can be a struggle when booking a meeting with multiple clients or partners. Our conferencing platforms allow you to connect with the click of a button, without the need for travel or a physical room.

Engineering - Webinars and Training



The Full Conferencing Solution

From hardware to software Pragmatic has the tools you need to excel in the engineering industry. Want to upgrade your tech to the latest and greatest? We've got it. Want cloud-based video conferencing solutions? No problem. We'll equip you from start to finish.

Engineering - Full Conferencing Solution



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